Quality measurement in family planning: past, present, future

January 2016

Papers from the Bellagio meeting on Family Planning Quality in October 2015. Collection edited by Hopkins Leisher, collated and managed by Sprockett, Longfield, Montagu. A book in three parts: 1) The importance of quality to family planning; 2) Experiences with measuring qualiy to date; 3) Key considerations for making progress in quality measurement. Contributing authors include: Cuellar, Quijada, Callahan, Chapman, Montagu, Longfield, Olulo, Veen, Schellekens, Peeters, Spieker, Buyungo, Akhter Rizvi, Wanderi, Hopkins Leisher, RamaRao, Jain, Gul, Siddiqui, Nasar, Shaikh, Gardezi, Balal, Ahmed, Eldridge, Sprockett, Chakraborty, Mehrain, Poyer, Barker, Bellows, Behl, Abuya, Muriuki, Bajracharya, and Choi.

Citation: Leisher SH, Sprockett A, Longfield K, and Montagu D (eds.) (2016). Quality Measurement in Family Planning: Past, Present, Future: Papers from the Bellagio Meeting on Family Planning Quality, October 2015. Oakland, CA: Metrics for Management.