Metrics for Management aims to fill the global gap in actionable performance measurement.


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he international health community — doctors, nurses, community health workers, clinic managers, NGOs, governments, and funders — strives to provide quality healthcare. Despite the dedication of these individuals and organizations to improve their work and the health of the communities they serve, they are missing critical opportunities to do so for lack of standardized, easy-to-use, and evidence-based metrics. Although health systems and data collection are steadily improving in low- and middle-income countries, the translation of better information into better performance has been slow.

Metrics for Management aims to fill the global gap in actionable performance measurement. We work closely with partners and collaborators to target health areas for which standard measures of success are lacking or poorly used. Using our technical expertise, we design, implement, and improve performance measures that transform health services delivery.

We collaborate with members of the international health community to design and develop performance measures using a rigorous 7-step process to ensure that they are standardized, validated, accurate, easy to use, and built with the end-user in mind. We then help users collect the data they need to understand their health care delivery and to make service adjustments to improve the health of their communities.

We envision a world where health care practitioners routinely use action-oriented measurement tools to improve health services. The use of standard metrics will enable the global health community, working with limited resources, to reduce health disparities and improve the health of individuals around the world.