Ensuring Equitable Service Delivery




Ensuring Equitable Service Delivery

Blog | August 2018

Blog post by Living Goods Director of Analytics Brad Presner, detailing an EquityTool collaboration with Medic Mobile and Metrics for Management. Click here for the email blast to access the full and abridged versions of the original case study, as well as additional blog coverage.

“Although my colleagues and I have long believed that Living Goods was doing a good job of expanding access to health care in the poorest communities, in reality, we struggled to prove that with any empirical certainty. And so, when I first learned about Metrics for Management’s (M4M) EquityTool, I was struck by how simple and efficient this tool could be for obtaining and analyzing demographic data about the population served by Living Goods-supported Community Health Workers (CHWs). We began discussing the EquityTool with our technology partner Medic Mobile and the M4M team, and agreed that the ability to embed a simple survey into the Smart Health mobile app used by Living Goods-supported CHWs – without any separate workflows or analytics – made it a truly compelling solution…”