Nirali Chakraborty, PhD

Dr. Nirali Chakraborty is the CEO of Metrics for Management. M4M provides data driven insights to assist health service organizations in measuring and improving their performance. Nirali has been with M4M since 2016.. Read More ->

Chief Operating Officer

Andrea Sprockett, MIPH, MA

Andrea Sprockett oversees all programmatic and day-to-day operations for Metrics for Management, ensuring a systematic approach to project development, financial and strategic planning, advocacy efforts.. Read More ->

Global Health Research Associate

Andrew Corley, PhD, MPH, MSN, RN

Andrew supports Metrics for Management’s research and technical assistance activities. Prior to joining Metrics for Management, Andrew worked as a registered nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He is a returned Peace.. Read More ->

Global Health Research Associate

Claire Dunn, PhD, MA

Claire supports Metrics for Management’s research and technical assistance activities as a Global Health Research Analyst. Prior to joining Metrics for Management, she was a graduate researcher and instructor.. Read More ->

Global Health Research Associate

Yuen Wai Hung, PhD, MHS

Waiwai supports Metrics for Management’s research and technical assistance activities. Prior to joining Metrics for Management, Waiwai worked as a senior consultant at Salient Advisory and Impact for Health..  Read More ->

Global Health Research Analyst

Maxwell Owusu, MS

Maxwell supports Metrics for Management’s research and technical assistance activities as a Global Health Research Analyst. Prior to joining Metrics for Management, Maxwell worked as a Graduate Researcher..  Read More ->

Project Analyst

Lara Fields

Lara supports all aspects of Metrics for Management’s business development lifecycle, from lead generation to contract monitoring. Lara draws on her diverse professional background in anthropological..  Read More ->


Mark Hanley

Mark Hanley supports Metrics for Management’s work as a webmaster. He is a full stack developer and designer which draws on years of diverse experience from the development, design and systems management processes.



Dominic Montagu, DrPH, MBA, MPH

Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics of UCSF

Dominic founded Metrics for Management (M4M) in 2014 and served as the CEO for 10 years, positioning M4M as a leader in evidence-based and standardized performance measures for global health. His guidance of M4M’s.. Read More ->


Dr. Alex Ergo, MSc, PhD

Director, Health Systems,
Population Services International (PSI)
Alex Ergo is the Director, Health Systems at Population Services International (PSI), where he is currently shaping and leading PSI’s youngest department, the Health Systems Accelerator. He has over.. Read More ->

Dr. Tryphine Zulu, MSc, MPH, PhD

Health Insurance Executive/Health Economist
Tryphine Zulu is a Health Insurance Executive based in South Africa. She is a health economist, with extensive experience in using data for improved population health outcomes, provider contracting and utilization.. Read More ->

Alix Faddoul, MPH, MSc

Global Health Professional
Alix Faddoul is a global health professional with a background in improving access to essential services in fragile and conflict-affected areas, and a focus on the Middle East. She is interested in strategies.. Read More ->

Barbara O’Hanlon, MPP

Private Sector Engagement Advisor
Barbara O’Hanlon is a recognized leader in international health policy design and implementation with over 38 years’ experience. Ms. O’Hanlon is a pioneer in the areas of private sector policy reforms.. Read More ->

Dr. Onikepe Owolabi, MSc, PhD

Senior Global Director, MNCH/FP, IntraHealth International
Dr. Onikepe Owolabi is currently the Senior Global Director of MNCH/FP at IntraHealth International, where she and her team provide technical input to a wide suite of projects in.. Read More ->

Dr. Krishna Jafa

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Medic
Dr. Krishna Jafa is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Medic. Medic’s mission is to advance good health, human flourishing, and equitable care for and with the hardest-to-reach communities.. Read More ->
Dr. Pritika Kumar, PhD, MPH, MA
Independent Consultant
Dr. Pritika Kumar is a senior public health leader with an extensive background of over 25 years, dedicating her expertise to programs, research, and policy initiatives across domains such as HIV prevention, sexual and reproductive health, social.. Read More ->
Seye Abimbola, MD, PhD
Lecturer, School of Public Health, University of Sydney Research Fellow, National Primary Health Care Development Agency, Nigeria
Seye Abimbola is a medically qualified public health specialist with expertise in health policy and systems research. He has worked as both a health care provider and researcher primarily in low- and middle-income.. Read More ->

YJ Choi, PhD

Demographer & Data Scientist for Global Development 
YJ Choi is a demographer with strong interest and extensive experience in interpretation and translation of research and data for various audiences. She has methodological expertise in household and health facility.. Read More ->
Davidson Gwatkin, PhD
Senior Fellow, Results for Development Institute
Davidson Gwatkin is a Senior Fellow at the Results for Development Institute, and a Senior Associate at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He serves as an adviser on health and poverty.. Read More ->
Christopher Hest
Nonprofit Management and
Resource Mobilization Leader
Chris has delivered more than 30 years of superior nonprofit management and philanthropy leadership through organizations as varied as foundations led by two former U.S. presidents.. Read More ->

Mari Kuraishi, MA

Co-founder & President, GlobalGiving President,
Jessie Ball duPont Fund
Mari Kuraishi, the co-founder and president of GlobalGiving, is the President of the Jessie Ball duPont Fund. Prior to co-founding GlobalGiving, Kuraishi led the Corporate Strategy Group at the World Bank.. Read More ->
Kim Longfield, PhD, MPH
Founder and Principal, Databoom
Dr. Longfield is the founder of Databoom, a research and communication agency that believes powerful insights can shape the world. Databoom provides research counsel for organizations that want.. Read More ->

Sasha Montagu

Independent Consultant; Board Treasurer
Mr. Montagu is an independent consultant and small business owner in Alberta, Canada where he owns land that he leases to an organic beef producer. He divides his time between Alberta and Montana.. Read More ->

Lynn Sibley, RN, CNM, PhD

Professor emerita, Emory University
Professor emerita Dr. Sibley is a certified Nurse Midwife and Medical Anthropologist, with a more than 20 year career at Emory University. She has focused on advancing midwifery education and improving care.. Read More ->