Research & Evaluation





t Metrics for Management, we support organizations to assess their performance, to enable organizations to continue to build their capacity and to improve their services.

We recognize that monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tools are widely used in low- and middle-income countries. However, the data being collected often does not meet an organization’s unique needs, or adequately inform their service delivery.

Metrics for Management has a successful track-record of collaborating with organizations and programs to conduct evalautions of their work. We offer opportunities to support organizations in traditional evaluations, or to take a learning evaluation approach which offers lessons learned and opportunities for improvement throughout the program lifespan.

In adapting or developing new performance measures, we validate our metrics through:


Conduct comprehensive literature reviews prior to selecting evaluation strategies and tools


Review evaluation tools, metrics, and procedures against best practices in the field

Data Collection

Design and conduct primary or secondary data collection to assess performance

Evaluation Learning

Share evaluation insights to strengthen service delivery


Review evaluation tools, metrics, and procedures against best practices in the field

We are driven by the belief that to efficiently and effectively deliver quality services that improve the health of local communities, health service organizations and providers must not only have access to meaningful data but also understand how to use that data to take action to improve their services. This belief fuels our extensive collaboration process and unwavering devotion to rigorous evaluations that improve service delivery.


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