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t Metrics for Management, we strive to ensure the performance measures we develop not only meet an organization’s needs, but also enable that organization to continue to build its capacity and improve its services. To inform new metrics, we study measures that are already proving useful in the field and are ripe for further enhancements or adjustments. Every metric we produce is both academically rigorous and truly meaningful to the end-user.

We recognize that monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tools are widely used in low- and middle-income countries. However, the data often does not meet a specific your organization’s unique needs. Metrics for Management has a successful track-record of collaborating with organizations and programs to ensure they are gathering and using the right data to do their work better. We work with our partners to evaluate their current performance measurement tools as well as their data collection and use strategies to identify what is working well and where there are areas for improvement.

Our M&E appraisal process can be a stand-alone service, or the start of a multi-step process that includes easy-to-understand metrics and easy-to-use tools designed to help our provider partners measure the quality, efficiency, equity, and health impact of their services. Our solutions are tailored to your organization’s unique needs and designed to maximize the benefit you receive from our services.

In adapting or developing new performance measures, we validate our metrics through:


Conduct real-world and systematic
reviews prior to selecting a metric


Review new metrics against existing metrics in the field

Data Collection

Design and conduct primary or secondary data collection to demonstrate that the metric is related to the desired outcome(s)

Expert review

Collect and integrate expert insight about key attributes for new metrics

Statistical testing

Use mathematical approaches to assess the robustness of our metrics


Consistently re-evaluate our process to ensure the resulting metric will lead to the best possible health outcomes in service delivery and patient care

We are driven by the belief that to efficiently and effectively deliver quality services that improve the health of local communities, health service organizations and providers must not only have access to meaningful data but also understand how to use that data to take action to improve their services. This belief fuels our extensive collaboration process and unwavering devotion to helping health service organizations and providers develop, use, and implement the metrics and tools that work best for each organization’s unique needs and goals.


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