Patient flow management and metrics in public hospitals in Mexico

January 2016

A scoping exercise conducted by Aceso Global, report written by Jerry La Forgia and Kiran Correa. This report presents the findings of a scoping exercise or rapid assessment of patient flow management practices and metrics in low-resource hospital settings based on a sample of public hospitals in Mexico. Drawing on the literature from hospitals in high-income countries, Section 2 first provides a brief overview of the benefits of good patient flow management practices. Section 3 states the objectives and research questions guiding the scoping exercise. Section 4 reviews the sampling framework and methods. Sections 5, 6 and 7 report the findings, namely the manifestations, impacts, and causes, respectively, of patient flow mismanagement. Notably, while the findings are numerous and diverse, there is considerable consistency across the sample hospitals in terms of flow problems, their impacts and underlying causes. Section 8 reviews data issues and opportunities for developing feasible patient flow metrics. Section 9 concludes the report by outlining relevant patient flow metrics for a proposed second phase of work.