Addressing Provider Bias for Better Youth Healthcare

November 2023

Metrics for Management and EngenderHealth work to improve health systems and services so individuals can choose and access the healthcare they need. Metrics for Management (M4M) focuses on developing and advocating for practical measurement indicators and tools to improve the quality of health services. EngenderHealth is committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health rights and gender equality by collaborating with communities, civil society organizations, and governments to ensure access to high-quality services and a supportive policy environment. 

Despite global commitments, young people often have sexual and reproductive health needs that go unmet, with M4M’s research uncovering inadequate privacy, confidentiality, and provider bias as key drivers for young people’s unmet need. In this article, we closely examine the issue of provider bias, a paramount concern for young people. EngenderHealth believes in working with, not just for, young people—and that means addressing the issues that concern them most.