As part of our rigorous process, Metrics for Management writes and publicly shares a variety of technical reports, journal articles, and mass media communications. Please find a list of publications, articles, literature reviews, feature stories, and more in our four areas of work below.


Simplified Asset Indices to Measure Wealth and Equity in Health Programs

A Reliability and Validity Analysis Using Survey Data from 16 Countries

Article | March 2016      Read More

The Relationship Between Wealth and Use of Health Service in the Private Sector

A Literature Review and Secondary Data Analysis Focusing on Family Planning and common Childhood Illness

Report | September 2016    Read More

Assessing Provision and Equity in Low- and Middle-Income Country Health Markets

A Study from Kenya

Report | May 2017   Read More

Helen Keller International Uses the EquityTool to Improve the Health Status of Women and Children Around the World

A Case Study

Case Study | April 2016   Read More


Sightsavers International Uses the EquityTool to Improve Service Delivery in Comprehensive Eye Services and in Outreach Camps

International Rescue Committee Uses the EquityTool to Understand Existing, In-Country Methods to Identify the Poor

HLFPPT Uses the EquityTool to Understand Target Population and Advocate the Importance of their Role to Strengthen National Health Service Delivery

Equity: Enabling the Poor to Access Services

An overview of the equity metric

Briefing Document | March 2017   Read More

The EquityTool: Changing Poverty Measurement and Service Delivery

A blog for the Joint Learning Network

Blog | March 2016   Read More

Behind the Equity App

How Researchers Were Able to Balance Scientific Rigor with Ease-of-Use

Blog | March 2016   Read More

PSI Pulse

PSI Pulse: Simpler Measurement for Reaching The Poor

Blog | April 2016   Read More

Use of family planning and child health services in the private sector

An equity analysis of 12 DHS surveys, published in the International Journal for Equity in Health

Article | April 2018   Read More




Review of Quality Assessment Tools for Family Planning Programmes in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Health Policy and Planning

Article | March 2016      Read More

Quality Measuring in Family Planning: Past, Present, Future

Papers from the Bellagio meeting on Family Planning Quality

Book | October 2016    Read More

Advancing Measurement of Abortion Quality

Meeting report and next steps

Report | July 2017   Read More

Quality: Assuring Quality in Family Planning Service Delivery

An overview of the family planning quality metric

Briefing Document | March 2017      Read More

Quality of care and abortion: beyond safety

Joint Editorial from BMJ – Sexual & Reproductive Health. 

Editorial | May 2018      Read More



Patient Flow Management and Metrics in Public Hospitals in Mexico

A scoping exercise conducted by Aceso Global

Report | April 2017      Read More

Cost Effectiveness: Achieving Impact at an Equal or Lower Cost to Other Sources of Care

An overview of the cost effectiveness metric

Briefing Document | June 2016    Read More

Sustainability: Continued and sustained growth in health impact over time

An overview of the sustainability metric

Briefing Document | April 2018    Read More




Additionality: Capturing Additional Users in a Health Market

An overview of the additionality metric

Briefing Document | October 2016      Read More


An overview of the health impact metric

Briefing Document | June 2016      Read More


Interpreting and Understanding Additional Users as Reported by Family Planning Programs

A guide for those who are receiving reports on programmatic contributions to the FP2020 goals and pledges

Briefing Document | April 2017    Read More

Data Required to Calculate Family Planning Additionality

Data requirements and best practices

Briefing Document | July 2017    Read More

Additionality Terminology

Definitions of terminology to discuss the additionality metric

Briefing Document | April 2017    Read More

Identifying Adopters of Family Planning in Client Exit Interviews

Does Recall Period Matter?

Briefing Document | August 2017    Read More

Additionality Talking Points

Summary document of key features of the additionality metric

Briefing Document | February 2017    Read More

Model Questionnaire for Assessing Client Profile to Calculate Additionality

Excel-formatted sample questionnaire

Questionnaire | August 2017      Read More

Guidance to Use the Model Questionnaire for Assessing Client Profile