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etrics for Management uses a consensus process to develop global metrics and works one-on-one with its partners to create metrics tailored to their specific goals. Leveraging the public health expertise of our staff—particularly in health systems strengthening, health service delivery, primary health care, and epidemiology—we help providers collect, analyze, and visualize their results to pinpoint where they are excelling and where they are falling short.

Understanding that our partners work in different settings, populations, and contexts, Metrics for Management creates metrics that reflect the realities of working in low- and middle-income countries. We are thoughtful about how each of our partners will engage with and use the metrics, and purposefully keep their unique goals top-of-mind as we work together to create a custom-made development and implementation process.

We have the expertise to design and implement leading-edge performance metrics that support evidence-based health service delivery, local ownership of results, and sustained health impact.

Our Services:


Metrics for Management develops and promotes the adoption of measurement indicators and tools for use in the management of health facilities, health service NGOs, and local governmental administrative agencies.

Metrics for Management believes that for a measure to be effective, it must be meaningful to the end-user. We begin any collaboration with a comprehensive requirements gathering exercise. Working together, we map out how the current users interact with the collected data. This analysis helps us understand what data are currently used, what data are needed, and any challenges the end-users have had to date that need to be addressed.

To encourage organization-wide use of the new metrics, we offer tailored toolkits as well as training and dissemination support. If a measure is new or untested, we will conduct additional analysis to ensure it is meaningful and useful to a broad audience.

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