Webinar | Improving equity in health by improving measurement of wealth: Tools and practical application in Nepal

June 10, 2021

Health projects are often challenged to determine where and how to deploy their limited resources. Research and experience have shown that inequities in wealth are correlated with inequities in health outcomes and access to services. Identifying ‘the poor’ and developing strategies to close health-related equity gaps requires rigorous measurement of wealth.

This webinar will share the EquityTool, a tool developed to quickly assess the relative wealth of a surveyed group, using previously collected nationally representative data (e.g. DHS).

In Nepal, the EquityTool has been used in Suaahara II, a multi-sectoral program operational in 42 of Nepal’s 77 districts. Nearly 1,500 frontline workers collect EquityTool data in smartphones (10 million registered to date) and in turn, this data supports program decision-making including targeting of home visits for counseling and material input (e.g. water filters) distribution. In this session, we will share these experiences and how Suaahara II has compared EquityTool results with other measures of inequity to target the neediest.

A newer tool known as the Asset to Income Estimator (A2IE), which can help users understand a group’s real income will also be shared. Together, the EquityTool and A2IE can guide programmatic and policy decisions.