Join M4M at Women Deliver 2019

June 2019

Metrics for Management is excited to be an official NGO sponsor of the Women Deliver 2019 Conference!

The Women Deliver 2019 Conference will take place 3-6 June 2019 in Vancouver, Canada and will be the world’s largest conference on gender equality and the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women in the 21st century. It will serve as a catalyst for advocates working to achieve a more gender equal world.

The Metrics for Management team will be among the more than 6,000 world leaders, influencers, advocates, academics, activists, and journalists who will flock to Vancouver with the drive to accelerate progress for girls and women everywhere. The conference will present new knowledge, promote world-class solutions, and engage a broad spectrum of voices. It will focus on several issues from health, nutrition, education, economic and political empowerment to human rights, good governance, and girls’ and women’s agency and equality.

Visit our demonstration table to learn more about the EquityTool and our contributions to women’s and girls’ global health.