To create evidence-based and standardized performance measures to improve health services in low- and middle-income countries

We work to assure accurate and relevant data are collected, that those data are used in standardized performance metrics, and that those metrics are widely disseminated and used. We are committed to helping improve the lives of those whose basic needs go unmet on a daily basis.

The often heroic work by healthcare providers — doctors, nurses, community health workers, pharmacists, medical administrators, and health program managers — laboring in poor and under-resourced hospitals and clinics around the world is all the more striking for the lack or shortage of reliable, evidence-based tools that would improve health outcomes. For want of metrics that would streamline and upgrade service delivery, healthcare providers in poor countries struggle to improve services to their patients.

We work with health facilities, health service NGOs, and governments to develop and use innovative performance measures. Through a collaborative development process that enables our partners to understand their strengths and challenges in delivering health services and to benchmark their results across regions and institutions, we aim for our metrics to become the standards for the field. Using our performance measures strengthens program management, improves health service delivery, and ultimately, achieves better health outcomes.

Metrics for Management aims to fill the global gap in performance measurement, creating affordable, replicable, and reliable health metrics.

Mission & Vision


Metrics for Management transforms how health facilities, health service NGOs, and local government agencies measure and improve the services they provide to communities worldwide through innovative performance metrics and tools.


We have the expertise to design and implement leading-edge global health performance metrics that support evidence-based health service delivery, local ownership of results, and sustained health impact.


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