Metric Development





hen collaborating with our health service partners, we focus on metrics that are:

         1) Simple to interpret and use         2) Driven by the needs of end-users         3) Rigorous and scientifically valid

We understand that every organization works with a unique population in a different context and have designed our approach to reflect the realities of working in low- and middle-income regions like Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Remaining thoughtful about how each of our provider partners will engage with and use the new metrics, Metrics for Management will work with you to:


Understand user’s performance measurement goals to establish key data needs.


Design metric and easy-to-use methods to collect data and analyze results.


Review metric to further improve and simplify.


Create supporting analysis, training & technical plans.

Metrics for Management focuses on data that are important to managers across all levels and facility types. We use a consensus process to develop global metrics and work one-on-one with our partners to create tailored metrics—then help those partners collect, analyze, and visualize the results to understand where they are excelling and where they are falling short. Armed with these new insights, program managers are able to adjust operations as needed to maximize their organization’s success.

Metrics for Management uses a rigorous, seven-step process to establish easy-to-understand metrics and easy-to-use tools that help our partners measure the quality, efficiency, equity, and health impact of their services. This enables our partners to strengthen their health service delivery, stretch resources, and offer the best possible support to the communities they serve. Through innovative data strategies—combined with tailored tools that meet the needs of our partners—Metrics for Management is transforming how health facilities, health service NGOs, and local government agencies measure and improve the services they provide to communities worldwide.


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