Our History & Founder

Metrics for Management’s roots can be traced back to Vietnam, where our Founder Dr. Dominic Montagu experienced firsthand the critical importance of good metrics. During his tenure as a manager in a development NGO, Dominic was frustrated by the focus on program outputs and service volume over impact, which often left the most vulnerable populations unserved. Irrigation initiatives that prioritized maximizing the number of construction projects and the number of citizens served resulted in dams only being built for villages in proximity to a main road—villages already objectively better off by all socioeconomic measures than more remote villages far from the river. Similarly, family planning initiatives he worked with targeted city populations, where sources of contraceptives already existed. By measuring success only through numbers served, initiatives were failing to reach communities with no access to family planning or irrigation of any kind. This ultimately left the populations most in-need unserved, and meaningful program impacts unmeasured and unmet.

Dominic’s later research as a Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at UCSF further confirmed his observation that, without relevant, common metrics, true success in development could be neither effectively advanced nor successfully achieved.  Founded in 2014, Metrics for Management (M4M) seeks to address this gap between implementation and impact. We accomplish this through cross-organizational consensus building on measurement needs, rigorous research to develop evidence-based metrics, creation of user-friendly measurement tools, broad dissemination, and the provision of ongoing support to implement our measurement tools.

“Even with the best of intentions, the development community can spend many years and many millions of dollars implementing beautifully-designed projects that ultimately don’t achieve the desired outcomes. The problem is that we all introduce significant biases when we measure our own successes our own way. The solution? Common, evidence-based measures, benchmarked across organizations and regions to ensure effective service delivery. That’s where Metrics for Management comes in.”

-Dominic Montagu, DrPH


Today, Metrics for Management continues to grow in scale and scope, and in 2018, the organization founded a sister limited liability company (LLC), Insight Metrics, to further expand the assistance we can offer organizations and governments to measure performance.
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