Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust uses the EquityTool to Understand Target Population and Advocate the Importance of their Role to Strengthen National Health Service Delivery

Program Background

Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust (HLFPPT) strives to provide innovative, affordable, and sustainable reproductive health services. Founded in 1992 and promoted by HLL Lifecare, Ltd., HLFPPT is a non-profit social marketing and social franchising organization that promotes safe motherhood, improved child health, supports adolescent health, and also provides HIV services. Through these focus areas, they aim to build healthier, and happier, future generations. HLFPPT provides programming, technical assistance, and capacity building to improve family planning services, strengthen maternal, child, and adolescent health, and meet critical HIV prevention and control needs through a network of more than 700 franchised clinics and hospitals. Learn more about the organization.

Equity Measurement

India’s public sector is overburdened, crowded, and understaffed, making it difficult to receive timely health care. Therefore, HLFPPT aims to position itself between the government sector, which provides services free of charge to those who cannot afford to pay, and the private sector, which charges for all services and may be too expensive for many seeking health care. HLFPPT needed to understand whether, and how well, they were reaching this target middle ground demographic.

Experience with the EquityTool

HLFPPT conducted equity surveys with clients who came to one of their facilities for services, interviewing approximately 23,000 clients across 290 franchise facilities in four states in northeastern India. Surveys were conducted by community health workers and outreach coordinators, individuals who are recognized leaders in their community and who volunteer their time with HLFPPT. The survey enumerators were prepared through a half-day training by a representative from the University of California, San Francisco, one of the partners in creating the EquityTool. The training focused on background information about equity measurement, why it is important to measure equity, and a hands-on demonstration of how to use the tool.

Lessons Learned

By serving a middle-income group who can afford to pay a modest amount for services, HLFPPT relieves some of the pressure on the government sector, while offering quality, accessible services that support operational sustainability. Through the EquityTool surveys they conducted, HLFPPT has been able to understand who is receiving services in their clinics and hospitals, learning that they have succeeded in reaching those of middle-income. With this knowledge in hand, HLFPPT has been able to advocate to government leadership, demonstrating their impact and the important role they play to lessen the service burden in the public sector.

In addition, HLFPPT has leveraged this evidence about their service delivery to raise funds through Global Giving, a crowdsource funding platform, to sponsor free deliveries in their hospitals for more than 75 women who could not otherwise afford care. They have found that donors are more likely to contribute when they see the organizational accountability behind their gift.

HLFPPT has carefully targeted an important client population, providing MCH, adolescent, family planning, and HIV care in a way that helps the entire Indian health sector reach more individuals more effectively.

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