Evidence-based Measures

Identifying or developing measurement tools that are externally validated makes the data collected more credible to a wide audience, from academics and donors to practitioners and policy-makers. Routine use of data strengthens individual and institutional learning, decision-making, and evidence-based care that leads to improved services. Our metrics are rigorously researched, tested, and validated.

Partnership Development

Leaders need information to make critical decisions that improve health outcomes, and demonstrate measurable and replicable progress toward program objectives. We work in close cooperation with our partners to design solutions for unique organizational challenges by tapping into our extensive network of resources while ensuring that the partner remains at the center of the collaboration. We guide organizations through the process to capture, develop, implement, and analyze performance metrics to inform program management and service delivery.

Data Use

Strong performance measurement and tracking improves management capacity, which leads to better program services and improved outcomes. We provide innovative, results-oriented measurement design and technical assistance to organizations that seek to improve performance measurement. We work with you to create sustainable service delivery interventions and promote consistent use of user-focused metrics that lead to lasting and meaningful results. We value lean and focused data collection that helps promote a culture of data use at all levels of your organization. Our technical assistance will turn your program data into an asset and not a hassle.

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