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Learn more about the work Metrics for Management is leading on behalf of the Metrics Working Group to create a standardized measure of Family Planning Quality.


Metric: Under development. This metric will emphasize readiness to provide high quality care, the provider practices and provider/client interaction, and client health outcomes.

Why measure quality?

Health programs seek to provide quality services to users. In order to maintain that quality, health programs invest significant time, expertise, personnel and materials into monitoring and advising staff, and managing commodity supply and logistics.

Measuring quality will help programs know if those investments are yielding results or not, and to what extent, and can inform prioritization of future efforts.

Why measure quality using a standardized metric?

Consistent use of the same metrics will permit comparison across years, and across programs. This type of analysis can lead to better programmatic decision making.

How can quality be measured?

Many programs are already measuring quality, but in various ways, including assessment of client satisfaction, providers’ adherence to protocols, and site readiness. The MWG advocates for the measurement of quality through the use of metrics that address three critical dimensions of care: readiness to provide high quality care, which includes structural preparedness, commodity availability, and provider capacity; process, which reflects the actual process of receiving FP services, especially focusing on provider/client interaction and clinical knowledge; and outcomes, which are client health outcomes immediately after receiving services as well as three months and one year post-service.

Measurement tools are being developed and piloted.

Strengthening quality assurance mechanisms

Health service programs have developed various approaches to quality assessment within their programs. In 2011, SF4Health surveyed programs from around the world, collected their QA policy documents and tools, and developed a global QA framework summary document.

Tools to support quality assessment activities

Policies & Procedures

Tools to gauge client perception of services

Tools to gauge quality of drugs

Tools to assess adherence to clinical standards