The Metrics Working Group is chaired by Kim Longfield, Population Services International, and Dominic Montagu, UCSF and Metrics for Management.

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MWG Members Portal

The Metrics Working Group (MWG), which was previously hosted by the University of California, San Francisco, has moved to Metrics for Management. The MWG is comprised of implementing and donor agencies and academic and research institutions. The working group collaborates to identify, test, and advocate for robust performance metrics across the six shared goals of the members. They identify, test, and advocate for these performance metrics in the areas of health impact, equity, cost-effectiveness, quality, additionality, and sustainability.


Health Impact

Is population health being improved?



Are the poor or vulnerable receiving health services under the program?


Cost Effectiveness

Is health impact being achieved in an economical manner?



Is the program capturing additional users in a health market?



Are participating providers adhering to clinical standards?



Is the program achieving financial, programmatic, and operational goals?

This group was first formed in 2009. By 2011, it had gained significant traction and included members from dozens of agencies worldwide. Currently, the Group includes more than 30 representatives from 15 agencies, and receives input periodically from a Community of Interest, which includes 10 representatives from 6 agencies.

Purpose of the Group

The MWG works towards to the goal of standardizing, systematizing (and simplifying, where possible) metrics for performance in key areas for health service programs.

The MWG not only advocates for the adoption of the six standardized metrics, it also develops technical assistance materials to support programs to put the metrics into practice.

Structure and coordinating mechanism

The MWG meets via telephone once a month; live meetings are convened once a year. Metrics for Management serves as the Secretariat.

Chairs: Kim Longfield, Population Services International & Dominic Montagu, UCSF & M4M

Recruitment and selection process

There is no formal policy on recruitment or selection. All individuals with an active interest in one of the six identified performance measures for health, and the time to commit to monthly consultations and annual meetings, are welcome. Contact us to learn more.

Current members

Laurie Abler | STB Foundation Rehana_Ahmed Rehana Ahmed, Sr. International Health Advisor | PSI
BenBellows Ben Bellows, Associate | Population Council Dr Amit Bhanot Amit Bhanot, Project Director & Senior Regional Health Advisor | Palladium
Nirali Chakraborty Nirali Chakraborty, Director of Research & Technical Assistance | M4M | Quality & Additionality Lead  Eldridge Cynthia Eldridge, Consultant
Farrell Maggie Farrell, health Development Officer | USAID KenzoFry Kenzo Fry, Consultant
Sandra Garcia, Deputy Director | STB Foundation Anna Gerrard, Global Social Franchise Manager | PSI
 Ada Gomero Ada Gomero, Data Analyst, IPPF Amanda Kalamar, Research Advisor | PSI
Meradith_Leebrick Meradith Leebrick, Health Financing Specialist | IPPF Kim Longfield, Global Health and Research Specialist
 Harri Mandhar Harri Mandhar, Business Developer | The Economist Intelligence Unit | Sustainability Lead  JulieMcBride Julie McBride, Senior Consultant, social Franchising | MSA Worldwide
kallol-mukherji Kallol Mukherji, Senior Manager Integrated Service Delivery | PSI ErikMunroe2 Erik Munroe, Research Programme Advisor | MSI
DMontagu2 Dominic Montagu, Associate Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics | UCSF; CEO | M4M JCNegrette Juan Carlos Negrette, Director of the Center for Global Health | University of Utah
Caroline_Quijada Caroline Quijada, Principal Associate, International Health Division | Abt Associates Diana Silimperi, IHD, division vice president Diana Silimperi, Division Vice President, International Health | Abt Associates
Andrea Sprockett Andrea Sprockett, Chief Operating Officer | M4M | Additionality Lead  Michelle-Weinberger Michelle Weinberger, Senior Associate | Avenir Health

Current advisors

LouApicella Lou Apicella, Senior Research Manager | Population Council Anisa Berdellima Anisa Berdellima, Impact Advisor | MSI
Mithun_0 Mithun Bhattacharya, consultant, Monitoring & Evaluation | WHP Bishop_picture.jpg Meghan Bishop, Deputy of Research, Monitoring & Evaluation | GRM-Futures Group
Karen Foreit.jpg Karen Foreit, Technical Director, Monitoring, Evaluation Learning | Palladium SarahFox Sarah Fox, Technical Specialist | Options Consultancy Services
KarenPakOppenheimer Karen Pak Oppenheimer, Consultant ChrisPurdy Chris Purdy, Executive Vice President | DKT International
meghan_reidy_0 Meghan Reidy, Senior Associate | Avenir Health Andrea_Taylor Andrea Taylor, Senior Research Manager | Innovations in Healthcare